My Birth Story/My C-Section Experience

*This will be a longer blog, grab some coffee/tea & a snack. You might be here a while*

Parker Brooks//02.22.2017//5:22 pm//8 lbs 5 oz 21 in


Let’s start a few days before I went into labor. I mentioned in my previous blog The Road To Parker that I had tried everything in the book to induce my own labor at least a week before I finally went into labor. My parents came down to see him come into the world and they were only here for two weeks so I was stressing, hoping he would come soon. I want to say it was a couple of days before labor began that I went to Target with my mom and dad, my mom wanted me to walk as much as possible to possibly induce me. I’m assuming it did something because that night I lost my mucus plug/had my “bloody show”. I freaked out, I told everyone! I assumed my son was going to be here any day now but of course the person that I am I had to google it. “The mucus plug can indicate that labor should start within the next couple weeks to months”… Thanks Google. That was probably on I’d say the 18th of February.

February 20th

I was having a decent amount of contractions some uncomfortable, some not so much. I started timing them and they were coming ever 5 or so minutes, of course me being a first time mom I assumed it was time. We all got in the car and headed to the hospital. I was ready to go, it was time for him to get here… for me at least. We got into triage so they could check out my contractions and check my dilation. I was only 1-2 cm dilated but my contractions were steady. They had me do some walking for an hour and see if I progressed at all and nothing happened. They sent me home almost immediately after I got back from walking. It was a very disappointing day, I finally thought things were happening but I guess Parker wasn’t ready just yet. Fast forward through that night, I barely slept. I was still having steady contractions.. I maybe got 4 hours of sleep that night so I was exhausted the next morning.

February 21st

The contractions stopped for a while this day so we decided to go to the mall and do some last-minute shopping and get some lunch. The first hour I was doing great, had a few small contractions but nothing too crazy. After I ate that all changed, I’m walking through the mall having to stop and lean against walls because the contractions started getting so strong. I told all my family that it’s definitely time this time, I could feel it Parker was coming! We left the mall and headed home to pick up stuff for the hospital that wasn’t in the car and we headed there! We got into triage this time and got me checked, I was at 4 cm dilated. I was so excited, my blood pressure was also a little high as well. So with how dilated I was and my blood pressure being higher than normal they admitted me. Everything was great, we got into my labor/delivery room and I visited with family for a while. My contractions really weren’t that bad and I honestly would have either waited longer or not have gotten an epidural at all had it not been for what happened next.

We were all just talking and having a good time, I think they recently checked me again around this time and I was about 5-6 cm. All of a sudden one of the monitors started going crazy and the nurses came in and were trying to get a hearing again on Parker’s heartbeat and also around that time I guess my blood pressure spiked really high, like dangerously high. I had to get an oxygen mask and eventually they had to give me magnesium, apparently if I hadn’t gotten that I could have gone into a seizure which is terrifying to think about. So with that magnesium I had to be on bed rest, so therefore I had to get a catheter which meant I had to get the epidural before hand. Not only that, they weren’t getting very good readings on Parker’s heartbeat and my contractions so they had to put internal monitors on. One for my contractions and one for Parker’s heartbeat that goes on his head. After that was all done I was feeling great. If you haven’t had an epidural and are thinking about getting one, just know it’s a super weird sensation not to feel your legs. Not going to lie, at one point I had Mark punch my leg to make sure I couldn’t feel anything!

After all this happened I actually progressed really fast, the next time they checked me I was at 9 cm! Then they came back checked me again and I was at 7-8… don’t freak out if that happens to you. Either the nurse didn’t check you correctly or you have a little bit of swelling to make it seem like you lost a couple cm. Not a big deal I promise! Maybe an hour after that I was at 10! The nurse told me to hold off on pushing for a while if I could, that lasted maybe a half hour then I could feel so much pressure. I told the nurse, I can’t wait anymore I have to push. So it all started, I was about to meet my son! My mom, husband & sister-in-law were all in there helping and supporting me. I couldn’t have done this without any of them. I was in labor for a little less than 24 hours and I pushed for 2 hours and 45 minutes with nothing to show for it. It did not feel like that long, it honestly to me felt like a half hour of pushing. My doctor came in and told me we had to get him out and vaginally wasn’t going to happen. His head ended up getting stuck in my pelvis…(Got the big head from his daddy). So it was C-Section time… the one thing I didn’t want to happen, the thing I dreaded my whole pregnancy, the thing I was terrified of having to deal with was about to happen.

February 22nd/My C-Section

My husband was putting on his OR outfit, I was still in the labor and delivery room waiting to get wheeled in to OR. I’m not sure if it was my nerves, the magnesium, the labor or a mixer of all of it but I threw up.. a lot. Mark couldn’t find one of those puke bags and we were the only ones in the room so I ended up throwing up on the floor and on the legs of his outfit. (Sorry honey!) About 15 minutes later they come to get me to go to the OR, I say I’ll see ya later to my family and they bring me in. If you’ve ever been in an OR you’ll know it’s super bright and for me it was pretty damn cold. They put me up on the operating table and gave me more of my epidural and I’m assuming a spinal block. I don’t remember much of it to be honest, I was extremely exhausted from very little sleep and labor. I do remember asking for Mark and when he was going to be able to come in, I remember them pinching my stomach to see if I could feel anything and I remember them putting the blue curtain up which meant shit was about to go down. Mark finally got into the room and they had started. You can’t feel anything aside from pressure, I fell asleep for the majority of the c-section. BEST SLEEP I GOT IN 24 HOURS and I was being operated on haha! I was finally woken up by feeling a TON of pressure in my pelvis as they pulled Parker out of me. His head was really stuck, I could feel how stuck he was and I felt so much relief as they pulled him out. The cry… I heard my son cry for the first time and it was the most beautiful sound in the whole world, one I will never forget. Mark went over to see him and they brought him to me. I remember kissing his nose and for whatever reason, I might have just been super tired I didn’t cry when I first saw him. Once I saw Mark hold him for the first time I broke down in tears, this man who I’ve loved for 12 years was holding our son and it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. They sewed me up and rolled me to recovery holding my little man. I don’t remember this but my sister-in-law said Mark came out yelling “I’m a father!” with his hands in the air and that is just amazing. Our little man was finally here and our family is complete! My recovery, that’s for another post! Enjoy some pictures I took right after I got to the recovery room, excuse my tired face! 🙂