The Road To Parker

My Pregnancy Experience

I’m going to be as real as possible here. I’m not one to sugar coat my experience of pregnancy, no one really should. First time moms need to know exactly what could/will happen. So here it goes…

Early/first trimester pregnancy symptoms for me:

  • Frequent peeing
  • Tender breasts
  • Exhausted all the time

We found out really early that I was pregnant, I was only 4 weeks when we found out. So I didn’t have too many symptoms right off the bat. The main one was being tired all the time. If any of you have ever worked an open to close shift, being on your feet all day and then going in the next morning with maybe 2 hours of sleep the next day that’s how tired I was. It was not pretty because to be completely honest if I don’t get enough sleep I am a cranky bitch. That’s honestly how my whole first trimester was, just completely exhausted and needing to be a whole lot. I will also say the amazing sense of smell women get when pregnant is crazy! I heard about it a lot but I didn’t think it would be so bad. The majority of the time it was cool because I could smell anything from a mile away and know exactly what it was. I’d say about 20% of the time it sucked more than anything, especially when anyone at work would bring in fish or seafood… That’s the worst, well for me at least. I got grossed out for the longest time by any seafood or chicken.

Second trimester symptoms:

  • Sense of smell increased more
  • Round ligament pains
  • Back pain
  • Slight swelling

You know how whenever you’re talking about pregnancy symptoms everyone is like “Oh honey, just wait until that second trimester. You’ll have so much energy you wont know what to do with it!”… I call bullshit. I wasn’t as exhausted but I was still crazy tired all the time. I never got that sudden burst of energy, I just got more bitchy and more pains. However, the best part of the second trimester for me was feeling my son move for the very first time. It felt like butterflies but I knew it was him. Also, at 15 weeks we went in for our gender determination ultrasound! We had a gender reveal party, neither me or Mark knew what the sex was until the party. His sister was in charge of the whole thing and it turned out perfect! 14232552_1419902464689856_3801366845459584995_nAlso if you’re wondering, round ligament pain is awful. It basically feels like cramps but 5x worse. To top that all off not only did I have that round ligament pain and not know what it was I was also experience some spotting and as a first time pregnant women, of course the first thing I did was freak out thinking something was wrong. Luckily everything was okay!

Third trimester symptoms:

  • Exhausted…Again
  • Pregnancy insomnia
  • Emotional
  • Uncomfortable

Yay! Third trimester, let’s get this baby out of me! That was my thought once I hit 37 weeks, he could literally come at any point these next 3 weeks. Did he? …No. The third trimester is honestly THE WORST. Now keep in mind, I’m not telling all of you this so I can scare you. I just want you to be aware. We know all about the exhaustion, let’s talk about that insomnia. How exciting, you’re 3 weeks (give or take) away from having your baby and you know you’re extremely tired but your brain is working overtime. Thoughts consume you, “Do I have everything I need for this baby?” “Can I even handle taking care of another human?” “I have to push a watermelon sized baby out of me in 3 weeks!” etc. I remember at least a week or 2 before he arrived I tried everything in the book to induce myself. Pineapple, spicy food, walking, sex, and the worst of them all yes… castor oil. NOT ONE THING WORKED! So just a PSA to all you first time pregnant women, let them come when they come. Unless your doctor thinks it’s best to induce you, just relax. That’s something I wish I did instead of think every second of the day when I was going to go into labor.

All in all I will say, I had an amazing pregnancy despite all the awful symptoms I have the most amazing baby boy and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I love him more than I love myself and I’d do it all over again if I had to. šŸ™‚


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